Taiwan – Kenting the greatest Aquarium I’ve ever seen

Kenting the greatest Aquarium I’ve ever seen the National Museum of Marine Biology. This aquarium is located in Checheng Municipality, Pingtung County, Taiwan. There are three main exhibitions Waters of Taiwan, Coral Kingdom and Waters of the World. The museum also has an 81-metre (266 ft) underwater moving track, the largest underwater tunnel in Asia.

Waters of the World – Seaweed forest feeding commentary – Taiwan

Coral Kingdom – Dancing with the fish show – Taiwan

Waters of the World – Whale – Taiwan

Waters of the World – Pinguins – Taiwan

Waters of the World – Hammer Head Shark

I really recommend to follow the program on this website: https://www.nmmba.gov.tw/En/ActiveShow_D_Cus.aspx?n=84223C65B6F94D72&sms=99D1E844C61E2667

The shows are great, even without understanding the explanations. We arrived at 1 pm and went to shows every 30 min. It was a lot of running, especially changing the buildings but a great experience. By the way entrance is 450 NT$ and 250 NT$ (around 7,70 €) for students.

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