Taiwan – Kenting – Where to find a white beach in Taiwan?

Most beaches in Taiwan are formed by volcanic rock and therefore dark to black. Where do I find a white beach in Taiwan? There is a region in the south of Taiwan, known for holiday with parties, beaches, diving, and white sand beaches.

Kenting National Park is a national park in Taiwan. It includes the southern tip of the island of Taiwan. The park, which is part of Pingtung County, is extremely rich in various landscapes and natural beauties as well as flora and fauna and is one of Taiwan’s most popular excursion and travel destinations.

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Little Bay Beach

小灣海灘 Google Maps

This is your beach for a swim in Kenting. It’s small but beautiful and you can rent an umbrella for 100 NT$ around 3 € if you want. The water is astonishingly warm with 28 °C.

bath beach kenting

Why is Kenting a paradise?

Kenting is the closest Taiwan gets to a tropical Arcadia. The small seaside town lies in a secluded peninsula near the island’s southernmost point, about 200 km south of the Tropic of Cancer. White-sand beaches abound. The sun blazes, coloring the temperate waters azure, aquamarine, and royal blue. The air is pristine too. Geographic isolation and steady winds protect Kenting (sometimes also spelled Kending) from the smog that often envelops Taiwan’s western half.

Kenting South Beach sunset

Kenting Main Beach – 墾丁海水浴場


This beach is a no swimming area. But it’s a great place for a picnic or a walk. A little bit east from this beach is another one, which is more safe for swimming and just 10 min walking distance from this beach. The beauty is amazing and when you see the drone videos you’ll see that you can compare it with the drone footage from Seychelles.

Kenting Beach sunset east
Kenting Beach sunset

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