Taiwan – Kaohsiung invites you seaside to mountains

Panorama Koahsiung

Taiwan Kaohsiung offers everything from seaside to mountains in south Taiwan. Kaohsiung invites you seaside to mountains, with amazing culture plus temples, beaches on island Cijin and modern architecture in the harbor. This city has a great climate, open-minded citizen and is a hotspot for parties.

One hotspot for those parties is Cijin island. A place which can be reached by metro (orange line) and ferry from the north side, or by car from the south. The ferry is quite cheap 20 NT$ and even less when you pay by i-Pass, your best friend to pay cashless in 7-eleven or metro. The nightmarket and the big beach are just straight ahead and all within walking distance. There is also a nice viewpoint on the right, don’t miss it and walk up the mountain. (Google location)

Cijin Island by drone

龍虎塔 Dragon and Tiger Pagoda

(Google Link) Two beautiful pagodas. You can go through the mouth of one animal and come out through a tunnel at the other. Very well done. This is usually a very touristic place. Very impressive and beautifully made, especially in the evening when everything is illuminated. Just a little too touristy.

Dragon and Tiger Pagoda
Dragon and Tiger Pagoda
Dragon and Tiger Pagoda
lotus Dragon and Tiger Pagoda
Dragon and Tiger Pagoda lake
Dragon and Tiger Pagoda statue

Modern architecture at Kaohsiung harbor

Dragon and Tiger Pagoda architecture

Further information

Kaohsiung is a large port city in southern Taiwan. There are many skyscrapers like the 248 m high Tuntex Sky Tower and there are numerous parks. The centre is the Love River with walking paths and cafés on the banks and excursion boats on the water. Shopping facilities range from elegant malls to the Liuhe and Ruifeng night markets.

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