Taiwan – Tainan historical hotspot in Taiwan

Tainan historical hotspot in Taiwan. This blogpost describes a walk through Tainan City. Everything is within walking distance, no car or scooter needed. Just the night market is a little bit far. Here some further information to learn about the history of Taiwan.

Learn about the history of Taiwan

Tainan is a city on the southwest coast of Taiwan and was the capital of the island from 1683 to 1887 under the Qing Dynasty. Today it is known for its centuries-old fortresses and temples. The city’s landmarks include the Chihkan Tower, an 18th century Chinese complex with gardens and ornately carved towers, and a temple built on the foundation walls of Fort Provintia, a Dutch outpost from the mid-17th century.

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Follow these spots and have a great day in Tainan.

A place with history Konfuzius-Tempel

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Konfuzius-Tempel Tainan
flower Konfuzius-Tempel

Squirrels running around like crazy. Never so many

Tainan Art Museum Building 1 (for modern arts)

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Why should you go to building 1 and not two? The answer is easy, you’ll get a beautiful exhibition for free.

art gallery tainan
art gallery tainan
art gallery tainan

Fort Provintia a good place to learn about the history of Taiwan

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Fort Provintia is very beautiful and historically another fort to stabilize their control over southern Taiwan, build by the dutch, built-in 1653.

Fort Provintia tainan
Fort Provintia temple
Fort Provintia statue
flower Fort Provintia

Ta-Tung Night Market

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The night market of Ta-Tung is less famous than the night market of Huayuan, but this night market is often visited by locals in Tainan! The location of the night market is easy to find. Here a few photos with delicious food from this market.

fish soup night market tainan
sushi fish night market tainan
sushi fish egg night market tainan

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