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Bikepacking exploring south Taiwan is a great idea. From a bikepacking beginner perspective a great place to start because of calm streets and great nature. From a city person perspective maybe a little bit to calm and not many options for hotels. It’s more an adventure because of missing supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants. But compared to other routes around Taiwan a great place. Almost no trucks and no traffic. Developed public transportation and police stations to fix your bike and to refill your water.

We decided to take a tent with us to be more flexible and this was a great idea. We used it on the way from Kenting to Taitung five times. Wild camping works okey in Taiwan. But it’s more convenient to ask people for permission. There are many street dogs in Taiwan. Some of them act like crazy.

Day 2 – Get back to the sea

Starting from the country side Google Maps we planned to get back to the sea Google Maps within one day. The distance was 25 km doable for those two city bikes. There was just one slope where we decided to protect our knees and pull the bike a few hundred meters upwards.

Cycling Route Numer 1

bike route no one

The following Map shows all sights and the bikepacking route up to Taitung.

The Map of our Biketour

The vegetation was just beautiful. I took this photo in the early morning at 6 am. It’s amazing how intense this green grass is.

rice fields

There are so many red flowers on the way. Everywhere but we were luckily cycling during spring.

flowers along the road

Bikepacking Video

Bike Pitstop

Bike pitstops with tools, pumps and water are mostly at police stations along the route. This is a photo of a pitstop which we used several times to refill our water. We started at 6 am in the moring, made a few short stops and reached at the ocean at 9:30 am. 25 km aren’t that far even with our relaxed speed.

pit stop police station

East Coast panorama

The east coast is amazingly beautiful. Those dunes are very unique for Asia. There are many activities like renting a quad or a exploring those dunes with a guided jeep tour. A calm way is a hike one of the few things we did without the bike.

dunes panorama
instagram spot

Hiking in the dunes

hiking in the dunes
dunes taiwan

Crushed Ice with sirup and jelly

ice cream crushed

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