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Anping District is a district in Tainan, Taiwan. In March 2012 it was named one of the top 10 small tourist cities by the Taiwanese Tourism Bureau. Anping Fort is historically impressive, I was literally impressed by the buildings, the old street and a unique treehouse.

Fort Zeelandia

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Fort Zeelandia was a fortress built by the Dutch East India Company on the island of Formosa from 1624 to 1634. The place is located in the catchment area of the later city of Anping, today a district in the big city of Tainan

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Anping Old Street

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Anping Fort historically impressive especially this Anping Old Street. The old street is a great place to try the famous oyster omelet. They serve it with a red sauce and it’s a cheap and tasty dish. Much better than expected and compared to a plate of vegetables much better price.

Anping Old Street (安平老街) was the first street in Taiwan to be given a name. More than 300 years ago this was the first street built by the Dutch in Anping. In the early days, the street was built solely for pedestrians and push carts due to the fact that the street was narrow and there was not that much space to navigate. Many tourists coming to Anping must visit this street, and the noisy and bustling environment of Anping Old Street is one of its hallmarks. The street features all kinds of old stalls and shops, and regardless of whether you are a domestic or foreign visitor coming here


Former Tait & Co. Merchant House

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Translated from English-The Anping Tree House is a former warehouse in the Anping District in Tainan, Taiwan. The name “Tree House” refers to the living banyan roots and branches that cover the building.

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