Taiwan – Alishan Cherry Blossom tour with full bloom

Alishan is a famous spot to see the beautiful cherry blossoms. The full bloom in Alishan starts in March and ends in early April. The colors of the different cherry trees are sometimes more white than pink, even during full bloom.
A cherry blossom tour starting in Chiayi is possible within one day. Alishan can be reached by train or by bus. I recommend the bus because there is a tight schedule and they drive more frequently. The price is also much lower around 211 NT$. We used an EasyCard available in every shop and saved a little compared to the full price of 240 NT$ (one way).

Schedule Photos

How do you get to the Alishan cherry-blossom full bloom? The bus leaves next to the central train station in Chiayi.

wear mask
wearing a mask is important during times of Corona

All times marked with orange or green are times when the bus drives at the moment (03/2020). The schedule might change in the future.

they showed us this paper for the prices

We left at 9:05 o’clock and the bus was almost empty

empty bus

Photos of the National Park Alishan

Here are the most beautiful photos of our Alishan Cherry Blossom tour with full bloom.

bee on cherry blossom
single tree very pinky
full bloom cherry blossom

There are more than 19,000 cherry trees in the Alishan Forest Recreation Area. Out of 19,000 beautiful cherry trees, about 18,000 of them are white blossomed Yoshino cherry trees which makes Alishan the only and the largest area of Yoshin cherry tree coverage in Taiwan.

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Zhushan Station

The second famous trees are giant trees. Some of them 2300 years old.

giant tree

Another thing you can explore during your Alishan cherry-blossom full bloom tour is the famous train, which drives through the park and stops also at Alishan Train Station where I took this photo.

alishan trainstation
train alishan

Two recommended routes you can follow to see most of the trees

Route 1
Alishan House–> Meiyuan –> Alishan Police Station –> Zushan trailhead
The route is about 600 meters with wonderful cherry blossoms on both sides of the path offering unforgettable sceneries.

Route 2
Zhaoping Railway Station–> Zhaoping Park–> Alishan Sisters Ponds –> Sho Zheng Temple –>Zhiyun Temple–> Alishan Museum–> Tree Pagoda –> Shanglin Middle School –> Alishan House
The total distance of this route is about 2600 meters.

We hiked both routes and extended the walk to the Zhushan Station. Here is the way we walked Google Maps Link

Link: https://www.travelking.com.tw/eng/tourguide/alishan/cherry-blossoms.asp

What is the best time to visit Alishan?

There is a Cherry Blossom Forecast follow this link https://www.traveloka.com/en-en/explore/activities/taiwans-cherry-blossom-forecast-2020/24679

The best timeslot is between March and early April.

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