Taiwan- Taitung is a cultural hotspot

Taitung is a cultural hotspot with many things to explore. This city is beautiful and has many beautiful things to explore. Here a few must-sees.

The famous white house in Taitung

white house taitung

Flower collection of Taitung Forest Park

There is a beautiful park in Taitung. Access next to the beach and entrance just 30 NT$ around 1 €.

flower collection taitung
orchid flower taitung

Cultural hotspot

There a cultural center next to the historical train station. This area is beautiful with a lot of artworks and cafes.

lantern taitung

Not far from there is a small mountain. There are a few trails and a huge temple. Check it out.

temple Taitung

Night market Taitung

My favorite place at night is the Taitung Night Market next to the carrefour supermarket. But take care, it’s not open everyday.

nightmarket taitung

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