Start your (our) trip around the world – first stop Cape Town South Africa

Our first stop is Cape Town South Africa. We got a direct flight from FRA Frankfurt to Cape Town CPT.

We started at 9:55 pm and arrived at 11:00 am. I never slept that well on a flight.

Mobile Internet

We got a SIM Card at the airport. 30 days with 10GB Internet traffic for 449 ZAR without additional cost for the SIM card. We choose MTN as a provider, cause it was way cheaper than vodafone.


The name of the currency is South African Rand
The exchange rate was 100 ZAR, around 6 € (November 2019).
You find serval ATM at the airport. They all charge you a service fee of around 50-55 ZAR.


The fastest way to the city is by taking a Bold or Uber Taxi. We took a Bolt for just 179 ZAR to the city center. It’s also possible to pay cash.


Pick and Pay, or Woolworth food are great supermarkets with all kinds of fresh food and surprisingly some hot dishes and ready to eat salads.
The prices are just great. You’ll get a good meal between 40 and 70 ZAR. It depends on the weight and your meat ratio. Dishes are changing but you’ll definitely find fries, chicken, ribs, and salat.


Cape Town is a small city… everything is walking distance.

It’s a modern place with gardens, shopping malls, restaurants and its own beauty the closer you get to the water.
We walked around the city and 20 min to the waterfront.

Waalstreet is famous for its colorful houses.

In the background the cape town stadium.


Si is a great Tapas Restaurant and the only place where you can get the Beyond Meat Burger and surprisingly you get gluten-free wraps and pizza.

V&A Food Market is a great place for lunch or to stop for a coffee during your walk around the waterfront.


Hiking us you plan for day two. Stay tuned and check out our latest posts.

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