Taiwan – Smart Bikepacking for beginners

Bikepacking is trendy, sustainable and a great way to travel in a country with good infrastructure. This is a guide for smart bikepacking for beginners. Luckily Taiwan is a country which is the southeast Asia paradise for bikepacking. The roundtrip around the island can be made in around 8 days or in a month as we plan. But there are a few questions to answer. What is the best route, where do I find accommodation, how spontaneously can I change my plans and how can I use public transportation with my bike in case I need to fix it or simply don’t want to share the road with trucks.

What is smart Bikepacking?

Bikepacking is like backpacking but with a bike. This is my simple definition and I think there are many advantages comparing to other ways of traveling. But what is smart Bikepacking?

Smart Bikepacking combines the traveling by bike with the flexibility to use public transportation whenever you want. People might think this is a compromise and not the pure bikepacking experience but to be honest, it’s perfect. It’s cherrypicking of the best aspects. Why should you hurt your knees at every mountain, instead of taking a bus and enjoy the way down?

The idea and our bikes

It was a spontaneous idea in Taiwan after a few days, with a bike of my friend in Chiayi. Having a bike gives you a lot of flexibility and in case you love biking as I do you probably miss it during a longterm trip around the world like mine.

smart bikepacking for beginners

This photo shows the two foldable bikes from Decathlon with two bags. The first bag is quite heavy with my computer and my drone, and as you can see a pair of flipflops which are sometimes wet from my last shower. On the back my backpack with 50 liters from Decathlon and a tent.

This is the setup and the next blogposts will explain the way and possible distances per day with those hot bikes 🙂

Let’s talk about the finance

The bikes from Decathlon cost 4999 NT$ (155 €), the luggage rack another 399 NT$ (13 €), two straps for 150 NT$ (5 €) and the tent 999 NT$ (31 €). As you maybe know everything you don’t like anymore is returnable within 365 days which makes some decisions easier. Another blogpost with an evaluation of the equipment will follow.

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