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This is a blogpost subscribing my scuba diving experience in Kenting, Taiwan. Kenting is located at the southernmost tip of Taiwan, it has many dive sites offering both boat and shore dives. It is a very popular local diving destination in Taiwan but not worldwide. I made six dives during a few days, with very different conditions. In this blogpost, I share my experience, my diving videos, and a recommendation for a very good diving school with you. 

Wall of Nemo Dive – Scuba Diving Experience Kenting Taiwan

I call this divespot Wall of Nemo. The original name is Shanghai and starts in a harbor. We followed a rope underwater for 100 m and had to turn left once. We started in the afternoon and you can see that in our group of five divers, three used flashlights for better visibility and photos. Enjoy the video. The first shot shows the harbor by drone.

This second video is at the favorite dive spot of our friend Osmond. This dive spot is at the Westcoast and it’s possible to see sea turtles. The corals are amazing and I recommend this place. But be aware of currency. We dived there two times and had very different conditions. The video shows our dive with strong currency underwater.

This third video shows different dives and dive spots in Kenting. It’s a combination of all animals and corals I saw during my time in Kenting. Some of the videos were even taken while snorkeling. It’s my best of scuba diving experience in Kenting Taiwan.

Diving School

My friend Osmond is diving instructor and he offers dives für 600 NT$. He is well experienced and a funny and very calm personality. He knows all dive spots around Kenting very well and is a very good guide. And finally, he speaks very good English which is important when you want to learn diving. The shopowner is a very experienced photographer but diving with him is quite expensive. Ask for Osmond a great diving instructor.

Google Maps – Diveshop location

Photo Gallery – Scuba Diving Experience Kenting Taiwan

sea turtle kenting
clown fish kenting
fire fish kenting

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