Taiwan – Sanxiantai Arch Bridge

When we started in Taitung we decided to take the coastal way. The reason for this decision was this the bridge you can see in the following post. The way to this bridge was down the hill. There are a small shop and an information center where you get freshwater and some snacks. You can’t take your bike because there are many steps to take to cross the bridge. There are some hiking paths on the island and the official website recommences 2 hours to visit. We just spend an hour including my drone flight. But it’s possible to walk around the mountain and the tip of the island.

Sanxiantai Arch Bridge Google Maps Location

dragons bridge

Sanxiantai Wishing Island is located on the largest and most energetic Pacific Ocean in the world. The warm Kuroshio comes from the northern equator with strong energy, and the east coast is full of vitality. The sea-crossing arch bridge lying between Taiwan’s main island and Sanxiantai Island like a dragon connects people and nature, making it easier for us to explore the amazing island ecosystem.

dragons bridge in Taiwan
dragon bridge

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Whether it is the legend of the Han people-Lu Dongbin, Li Tieguai, and He Xiangu in the Eight Immortals had come here and left footprints, or the legend of the Ami people-living in the seabed cave under the island, guarding the sea dragon “and Fawuan” here, different All the ethnic groups choose to chant beautiful stories and moving life songs in the magical place where the world and the sea meet. Every year people from all over the world gather here on New Year’s Day to greet the first dawn of the island of Taiwan, where the various energies of sunlight, air, and water flow among the crowds nestled together. In order to allow more tourists to share this energy, the East Coast National Scenic Area Management Office and China Post Co., Ltd. officially set up the Sun Baby Wishing Postbox and designed a wish postcard on the island, allowing tourists to make wishes and offers on Sanxiantai Wishing Island Blessings, a daily special person will send you the most warm wishes and blessings written by yourself; inaddition, there are Sanxiantai Island limited edition and online version of electronic wish cards, which can instantly convey your wishes and blessings to yourself and all over the world.


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