Crossing the border to Palestine

My last blog post about Israel was a few weeks ago. But I didn’t mentioned my short trip to Palestine, during this time. As a European citizen, you don’t have to care about a visa and even a one day trip is possible.

This blog is about traveling and not about politics, that’s why I try to tell everything out of a neutral perspective without going into conflicts, politics or humanity.

I traveled to Israel the first of January, that’s the week when the Orthodox celebrate Christmas. And Bethlehem is definitely the place to see during this time. The decoration is great and the big Christmas Tree in the city center is overwhelming.
But let’s start at the very beginning and clear first how you get there.

There is a Bus stop in Jerusalem, where you can take a Bus directly to Bethlehem. It is definitely an adventure, but nothing to be scared about. Check the locations on the following map.

It’s possible to go to Bethlehem for one day. Here is my recommendation:

  • Go to Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. Next to this place is a Bus station. Take the bus to Bethlehem from there.
  • Walk around in Bethlehem and visit the
  • Take a taxi to “Wallet Off Museum” and have a drink, after you saw the Gallery which describes the Border Conflict.
  • Walk to the border and make sure don’t have big luggage or anything important, instead of your passport with you. It can be very crowdy and you may have to go through a crowd of people waiting to cross the border in the other direction.

To make it a little more easy to find the entrance to the border, check out this picture from Google Streetview:



Christmas Gallery

For further information, check out my blog post to Israel.

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