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Lonely Yours Travel Blog is a blog of expert travels, who report on trends, experiences, food and adventures in cities around Europe and the world.

I publish my favorite destinations, as well as posts, telling you stories and experiences I made abroad. (tab on the top menu to browse recent posts by category).

You find a collection of City trips, Road Trips and Backpacking Stories. Use all the information to prepare effectively for your trip.

Budget tipps will help you to find the cheapest flight. A how to bargain without feeling ashamed will help you to get the most out of your money.


How did this all start? Why do we feel cities are the stage of the greatest travel experiences? Why is being a multi-author blog essential to our identity? What is our mission statement? For an in-depth look at who we are, what we do and why and how we do it, head this way.

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For the personal touch, drop us a line via email: lonelyours[email protected]


Lonely Yours Travel Blog welcomes ideas from globetrotters, natives with experience and a bag full of insider tips. Let get in touch and share our experiences. Travel photographers are also welcome. Use the email subscription below

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