Taiwan – Bikepacking exploring Taiwan’s east coast

Bikepacking and exploring Taiwan’s east coast is not a lazy way to travel. Especially with more than 10 kg of luggage and just 6 gears. But this slope you see in the background is not the biggest challenge. Some slopes in the south tip Taiwan were steeper. Sun and wind can be very strong. Make sure you are protected. Also, rain can be tricky. Rain forced us to stop for more than one week in Taitung. A great place to stay, relax, and eat great food. Anyways here are some photos from the way to Taitung along the coast of Taiwan. Learn more about bikepacking Taiwan’s east coast.

slope along the east coast

View backward after the slope

Bikepacking along Taiwan’s east coast is not flat and quite long.

sea view

Some people wrote that it doesn’t matter in which direction you cycle around the island. I have a logical opinion and recommendation for you. Try to be next to the coast and that means the east coast from south to north.

Grandmas Bed and Breakfast

It wasn’t always possible for us to find an affordable hotel on the way. We camped most of the time but there is a small hidden place we can recommend because of the great lady who made us feel like home, with fresh litchis a noodle soup for lunch and with her friendly dogs which showed us the way to the beach. Google Maps Link
Stop number E on my map down below.

beach gray
dog of bed and breakfast

I hope you liked this blog post check out the other posts of my bikepacking tour along the coast of Taiwan. There are many useful tips and nice photos that show everything first hand and not edited or with fake news. This was day 3 of Bikepacking Taiwan’s east coast.

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