Taiwan – Bikepacking exploring Kenting

Bikepacking exploring Kenting by bicyle is just perfect. The distances are made for short day trips. All the beautiful beaches are in biking distance around 30 min to 1 hour. In case you are flexible with your accommodation, you’ll see a lot of things. We stayed in Kenting and the only distance which was a little far was the National Aquarium, which was around 20 km away from your hotel. The best time for a bicyle tour is until 11 am or in the afternoon starting after 3 pm.

The following Map shows all sights and the bikepacking route up to Taitung.

Day 1

After a great time in Kenting we decided to leave this town which already felt like home. We started in the late morning an reached Henchung for lunch at our favorite buffet restaurant.

buffet food
buffet henchung

After this pitstop and a little shopping, saddle pads to be prepared for the following kilometers to Taipei. The way out of town includes some old gates: south and east gate, which you shouldn’t miss.

southern gate henchung

The way from Henchung was just a little hilly but doable with our small bikes. There were toilets and restrooms on the way. The road is not that busy but you have to share it with some trucks.

After asking some random people on the street we found a place to camp at a friendly family not far from a road-going uphill to the sight of the day, a waterfall 加都魯農場.

Here some photos of the hike to the waterfall

GPS coordinates

Starting from the parking lot, walking through the garden of a old woman, we started climbing up next to the waterfall. There wasn’t much water but many people sharing one nature pool. We decided to continue our hike to find our own. It was 5 pm in the afternoon and nobody was there. A great time to take a refreshing bath. We forgot to take photos of the pool but it’s worth it, to climb up the mountain.

waterfall climber
waterfall hike

This was mothers day evening

This was mothers day evening with the family we camped at. Grandma picked the red cherry and blew off the candle. It was fun to see those people celebrate. Especially with tons of meat and beer. Very funny evening and they gave us some electricity to charge our phones. We woke up with the sunrise and continued on day two.

mothersday cake
bbq mothersday

The Map of our Biketour


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