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There are several ways to travel and explore Cuba, from all-inclusive hotels to adventure trips without direct bus connections. Get inspired by this summary of recommendations and impressions and find your way to travel through this amazing country.

Google Map – Cuba

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to Dooldtimer ride
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ropa vieja
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  • the Currency
    • The tourist currency is named CUC (Spanish: peso Cubano convertible) and the “national currency” is named CUP
    • Exchange rate CUP (1 CUC = 24 CUP)
  • the Way
    • flight: Düsseldorf (Germany) to Havanna and back around 500-700 €
    • bus: viazul bus in every big city >10 CUC (book in advance)
    • taxi: Havana to Trinidad 15 CUC/person (don’t forget bargaining)
    • oldtimer: short distance ride 2-3 CUC/10 km
    • other: Railway is very cheap (0,5-1 CUC) (Matanzas to Havanna) even Guantanamo is possible
  • the Country
    • Visa: on arrival for an European citizen
    • Language: Spanish with a strong accent, sometimes English
    • Religion: 65% Christian
    • Mentality: chilled, enjoying, communistic, sometimes emigrating
  • the Budget
    • 5-15 CUC per night/person
    • 3-5 CUC for a great dinner
    • 10-25 CUP for street food
    • 1 CUC for 5 liter of water
    • 1 CUC for 1-hour internet

Havana – Cuba

Viñales – Cuba

Viñales is a beautiful small village surounded by Tobaco fields, mountains and waterfalls.

Playa de Cayo Jutias – Cuba

We where lucky and met some people germans in Viñales. They gave us a ride with their rental car (very expensive) and we had a great day at the lighhouse and beach of Playa de Cayo Jutias. It’s also possible to share a taxi.

Maria la Gorda – Cuba

Trinidad – Cuba

Snorkeling around Playa Ancon is a special experience. You should rent a bike and drive the 5 km downhill over the public street. There are a few small bars where you can buy snacks or drinks.

The diving spots are all close to the beach. You can perfectly reach them with your snorkeling equipment.

Your rooftop dinner wars at the casa particular. We loved her chicken and scampi dishes.

Bay of Pigs – Cuba

Diving is very cheap, at around 25 CUC. You can choose between two dives or a dive snorkeling experience. The humming-bird farm is in a small village down the main street and can be reached by bus.

Matanzas – Train Ride – Cuba

The journey by train is slow (20-30 km/h), cheap and most of all swinging experience.

Varadero – Cuba

You’ll get the perfect white beach in Varadero. We also had the best Ropa Vieja on Main Street in a small local restaurant. You’ll find it, ask the locals they all know it. We are not completely sure but we still remember something with fast food spanish: “comida rápida”. It’s on Avenida 1ra not far from Central Park.

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